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Iconic Venues, Part One | Heritage Project

Cleethorpes was once part of a touring circuit, with famous musicians like Elton John, Queen, the Kinks, and even the Sex Pistols playing in the resort. In the first of two parts exploring iconic Cleethorpes venues, discover the surprising history of the late Winter Gardens and the long-lost Cafe Dansant.

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we were commissioned to put together five documentaries exploring festivals and events in the seaside town of Cleethorpes throughout the years. For the third in this series we took a different direction than initially planned, following an enlightening interview with Steve Stanley. After hearing about the surprising history of the Winter Gardens, we decided to focus on the venue and the Cafe Dansant across the road.

The production of the video was complicated by the COVID-19 lockdown, meaning we couldn't record any new interviews. This posed a significant challenge, but using interviews we had captured prior to the lockdown, voiceover and archival footage and images, the piece came together despite these difficulties.

The video has received an excellent response on social media – particularly in Facebook pages dedicated to sharing memories of Cleethorpes' past – and was widely shared and commented on.

Watch the documentary here.

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