Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre (2019)

The Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre (LRAC) is a charitable organisation, running an activities centre in Lincolnshire. They needed to increase the use of their facilities, by encouraging more participation in their events. 

The brief, developed with centre manager Sarah Moss, was to showcase the comprehensive equestrian facilities, highlight the safe environment, the support of people with disabilities, and showcase the wide range of activities offered by the centre and groups based there. 

Consideration had to be given to the needs and desires of multiple groups and organisations, whilst also meeting the main brief to tell a cohesive and compelling story. Filming around a busy centre with animals and children also proved to be challenging.

Outputs include a full-length documentary for the website that explores the centre's story, a 60-second promotional video for advertising and social media pages, and three 15 second video adverts for social media timelines, designed specifically for Instagram.

Opening titles and captions reflect the house style, providing a cohesive look across different platforms. 

LRAC Logo.png
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